Influenza vaccines

Seasonal influenza vaccines represent the world's single largest vaccine market expected to reach US $5-10 billion by 2017/2018. The flu vaccine market is in need of innovative new technologies, especially antigen sparing approaches for pandemic vaccines and adjuvants to improve vaccine protection in young children and the elderly.Vaxine's U.S. collaborator Protein Sciences Corporation has recently received FDA approval for Flublok, their innovative recombinant hemagglutinin based influenza vaccine. Studies in over 1000 subjects have confirmed the exceptional tolerability and safety profile of Advax™ adjuvant when combined with influenza vaccines.

Vaxine has also been highly active in pandemic influenza vaccine development. In 2009, Vaxine in collaboration with Protein Sciences Corporation successfully undertook a clinical trial of the world’s first Advax-adjuvanted recombinant H1N1/2009 (Swine flu) vaccine. This trial not only confirmed the key benefits of Advax™ adjuvant technology, but also proved the superiority and speed of the recombinant protein approach to traditional egg-based production methods for future pandemic influenza vaccine manufacture. Vaxine is currently conducting clinical trials of an adjuvanted H5N1 (bird flu) vaccine and is also working  on development of a universal influenza vaccine.