Advax™ Adjuvant Platform Technology

One of Vaxine’s core strengths is its novel patented delta inulin polysaccharide adjuvant platform that goes under the trade name, Advax™. An adjuvant is a critical ingredient in vaccines where it acts as an immune stimulator to ensure the generation of an effective and long-lasting protection. Vaxine’s Advax™ adjuvant technology is based on Deltin™, the unique immunologically-active delta isoform of inulin, an abundant plant-derived polysaccharide. Advax™ has been proven to be more effective, safer and better tolerated than other current adjuvants including aluminium hydroxide (alum) and oil-in-water emulsions. Vaxine is working to demonstrate the effectiveness of Advax™ across the full spectrum of adult and paediatric vaccines. Advax™ technology has shown particular promise in biodefense vaccine applications including pandemic influenza, SARS, anthrax, Ebola, Marburg, ricin poisoning and flavivirus infection. However, it is equally effective in vaccines against childhood infections such as seasonal influenza and RSV.