Advax™ is a novel polysaccharide-based adjuvant technology that enhances antibody and T-cell immune responses against co-administered antigens. In addition to being highly potent as an adjuvant, Advax is unique in its lack of reactogenicity or pyrogenicity, attributable to the fact it is the first anti-inflammatory adjuvant, being shown to suppress interleukin 1 gene expression by murine and human immune cells. Development of the Advax adjuvant platform has been supported by the US National Institutes of Health.  More recently, Vaxine has expanded the Advax platform to include new combination adjuvants that include additional immune-modulators, such as TLR9 agonists, to shape the immune response to the vaccine antigen and direct it in the most favourable direction.  Advax adjuvants have been extensively tested in human clinical trials, confirming their safety and effectiveness. They are suitable for use across a broad range of different antigens types including inactivated viruses, recombinant proteins, polysaccharide conjugates and even live attenuated antigens. They are simple and easy to formulate and can be simply mixed with the antigen immediately before injection.