New Update

We are able to confirm that the TGA approval process for the use of COVAX-19 in Australia has been commenced.  This is a multi-stepped process of dialogue for which there is a lack of clarity and we anticipate could take up to 6 months.

We recognise the pressure that many of you are under, waiting for access to a safe and effective protein-based COVID-19 vaccine.  The Vaxine Pty Ltd team would like to share with you that we are working hard to deliver COVAX-19 as quickly as possible to the Australian public.  Your support for our endeavours is key to overcoming the challenges with which we are being presented; every phone call and email to the Australian government draws further attention to this important Australian development.

We are proud to announce that two million doses of our vaccine under the Spikogen brand have been delivered safely in Iran.  Additional clinical trials have commenced to study its use as a third dose booster in people who have already received two doses of other vaccines and another trial to look at its effects in people with kidney transplants. This will all add to the existing strong clinical data in our TGA submission.

We can also share with you that we are studying the Omicron variant, and have already designed an Omicron specific vaccine just in case it is needed as a top up to the existing vaccine.  We expect to have this new Omicron vaccine ready for clinical trials early next year.

Nikolai Petrovsky

Please Update Your Details
We have now upgraded to a new trial registration form that can keep up with the phenomenal response that we’ve had from all over Australia. This new form also addresses some issues that have been reported where some people were unable to select the correct suburb on the old form. Rest assured that if you have previously registered, your details are still safely stored in our database along with the date that you first registered.
In the interests of ensuring that your details are up to date ahead of the trial commencing, could we please ask you to visit the new form at and re-enter your details using the same “First Name”, “Last Name” and “Email” that you previously used. This will update your details in the database, but still keep the date that you first registered.
Finally, for anyone who hasn’t received an registration acknowledgement letter due to email blockages, spam filters, etc., the new form will allow you to directly download a PDF copy of your letter after submitting your details. Taking emails completely out of this process will simplify delivering these letters to you and give you the ability to download a copy at any time.
Thanks again for your patience.