Phase 4 Trial Updates

Registration Letter Delay

Through some hard work by our IT Volunteers, it appears that we may be getting somewhere with the delay in getting your Registration Acknowledgement letter out. We have made some changes to our server however, we were still getting replies from the Microsoft mail servers showing that their internal rules were blocking our emails.  These include Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and some Hotmail addresses.

We have raised a further query with Microsoft and their response this morning suggests that they will be removing the blockage in 24-48 hours. As soon as we see that emails are being successfully delivered, we will kick off another attempt for all emails that we know have failed. 

Based on the number of emails we have to catch up on, this may take 30 hours to complete. So the worst case is 78 hours (48 hours plus 30 hours) for people to receive their letter, which puts us into Sunday morning. 

Please also remember to check your Spam folder. 

Thank you for your ongoing patience, we have a wonderful team of volunteers helping us navigate these problems and we are incredibly grateful.

Sharen Pringle