Vaxine Pty Ltd announces COVID-19 vaccine collaboration with Kazakh National Agrarian University

Vaxine executes COVID-19 vaccine memorandum of understanding with theInternational Centre for Vaccinology at the Kazakh National Agrarian University.

“Pandemic viruses do not respect national borders and consequently, it is vitally important that scientists from all countries openly work together in a collaborative fashion to counter such global threats”, said Professor Nikolai Petrovsky MBBS, FRACP, Ph.D., Chairman and Research Director of Vaxine today.

“Vaxine is excited to offer its assistance to Kazakhstan and all other countries that need COVID-19 vaccines to provide them with access to the world-class technology that is at the heart of Vaxine’s COVAX-19® vaccine thereby allowing them to manufacture their own vaccines,” he explained.

Dr. Kaissar Tabynov who leads the International Centre for Vaccinology at the Kazakh National Agrarian University spent time training in Vaxine’s vaccine laboratory as part of Kazakhstan’s international scholarship “Bolashak” program and is also collaborating with Vaxine on a project to cure human allergies.

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