Vaxine was incorporated in 2002 as an Australian biotechnology company focussing on development of innovative vaccine technologies, with its lead product being its Advax delta inulin adjuvant. Supported by funding contracts from the National Institutes of Health Vaxine has developed a broad range of vaccines, all utilizing its Advax adjuvant technology for enhanced immunogenicity and protection. Vaxine’s human candidates include vaccines against seasonal and pandemic influenza, COVID-19, hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile Virus, malaria, rabies, and allergy. Vaxine also has a veterinary division that is commercialising vaccine adjuvants tailored to specific animal health problems.

Vaxine has developed a recombinant protein based vaccine against COVID-19 which is currently in advanced clinical development and it is hoped this vaccine will achieve emergency use approval by Q4 2021.

Vaccine Development

Vaxine is not just an adjuvant company but is actively engaged in developing its own vaccine portfolio

Advax™ Adjuvant platform

One of Vaxine’s core strengths is its novel patented delta inulin polysaccharide adjuvant platform that goes under the trade name

Vaxine Intern Program

Vaxine runs a strong intern program which is highly sought after by biotechnology Masters students