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Gofundme to bring COVAX-19 vaccine to Australia

Our Covid-19 vaccine effective against delta in Phase 3 trials, now approved in Iran was found to be safe. To be approved in Australia, we must apply to the TGA to have our COVAX-19 vaccine assessed which is an extremely expensive process, so we have taken the unusual step of setting up a GoFundMe campaign […]

Insight about Australian-based vaccine COVAX-19 by Professor Nikolai Petrovsky

Listen to Professor Petrovsky talking about the most advanced of our local COVID vaccines “COVAX-19” by South Australian based biotech, Vaxine, Interview by Leon Byner.  

Australian-Iranian Spikogen vaccine has been approved for emergency use in Iran

Spikogen vaccine is the result of a collaboration between Vaxine and CinnaGen, a private company with operations in the Middle East. The Iranian Food and Drug Administration (IFDA) has issued an emergency use authorisation for Spikogen vaccine. Plans are being made by the partners to expand approval to other countries.